I Poured Hot Wax Down The Drain!

Plumbing Questions Answered by Roto-Rooter of Traverse City Michigan

Question: I accidentally poured a cup of hot wax into the drain. It’s still draining, but slowly. I have used a plunger and bits and pieces of wax come up. What can I do or can only plumbing contractors repair?

Answer: The only way you are going to remove the wax is to clean it with a snake that has cutting blades the internal diameter of the pipe. The snake will go inside the pipe and scrape the wax off like it is butter. Nothing else will remove the wax. Do not use hot water. This will only cause the wax to go further down the drain.

We, at Roto-Rooter of Northern Michigan have the proper equipment, so you may want to call in the professionals to properly clear the line of wax. The cost to hire a professional sometimes outweighs the cost to do it yourself when you factor in the parts cost and time. If you are a good DIYer and would like to tackle the plumbing problem, you can purchase drain snakes at your local home improvement stores.

Next time you have hot wax to dispose of, DO NOT pour it down the drain! Let it cool down and harden. Then throw it away in the garbage